SeVen Launches “Stephanie Cares” Initiative To Honor The Memory of The Founders Sister. To Give Wigs To Women and Children Suffering From Hair Loss.

-SeVen Virgin Hair and its founder, Shaun J. Ford, want to inspire hope through an act of love

ATLANTA -- (PRWeb) SeVen Virgin Hair, the world’s first retailer to guarantee its hair, today launched its “Stephanie Cares” initiative. Created to honor the life and memory of Stephanie Ford, the oldest sister of Shaun J. Ford (Founder of SeVen Virgin Hair), this community initiative will donate custom-made wigs, free-of-charge, to women and children in the USA suffering from hair loss due to cancer or illness. 

“Nearly every family in the world is touched by cancer. Cancer is now responsible for almost one in six deaths globally,” said Shaun J. Ford. “Our goal is to give a gift of love [through hair], so that like my sister Stephanie Ford, women around the world never loss faith despite their illness. At SeVen, we believe that happiness is good medicine. So if we can motivate and inspire women and children to feel good through great hair, maybe just maybe, she can gain encouragement to her road of recovery.”

The goal of the initiative is to inspire hope through an act of love. The initiative invites individuals and organizations to go to and get involved. 

“Stephanie Cares” will be funded by in-store customer donations and matched by SeVen Virgin Hair up to $1 million dollars annually.

To nominate a recipient for “Stephanie Cares” please visit


ABOUT SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR: SeVen is a family operated minority business that is transforming the hair industry. As the first African American owned manufacture of the finest quality human hair, SeVen allows its customers to wear, cut, color and style its hair for 40-days to experience the difference or exchange it! For more information, please visit

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-Young Executive, Shaun J. Ford, seeks to transform the human hair weave industry-

-Newly created company, SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR, is the nations first African American hair retailer to control manufacturing and sell its own 100% pure human hair-

ATLANTA -- (PRWeb) — In 2016, at just 33 years old, Shaun J. Ford had a problem. As the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of a human hair extensions brand, the business was thriving in its stellar customer experience and operational practices (created by him) but lacked superior products. What followed over a two year period, was Shaun J. Ford’s repeated attempts to persuade its then CEO to offer better products. “The human hair industry is filled with many scams and schemes that target both hair retailers and consumers … pawning cheap processed hair as pure human hair” says Shaun J. Ford (Founder and CEO of the newly created, SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR).

“Unfortunately, processed hair can’t be discerned by most consumers or stylists until after the hair has been worn and washed for 30 to 60 days” continued Shaun J. Ford.

It is estimated, that annually, consumers lose over $3-6 billion dollars in buying processed hair because these same women are often forced to replace processed hair rather quickly. With the average woman spending upwards of $400-800 dollars for both the hair and installation, this issue poses a big challenge for consumers.

Beginning in 2017, Shaun J. Ford, resigned from his executive position, with the vision of, ‘hair so good, it could be guaranteed’. What followed was a 6-month negotiation to buy out his former employer and months of domestic and international travel throughout India, Malaysia, Singapore and China. Once there, Shaun discovered the truth about human hair by visiting with industry hair experts and factory owners.

Enter Shaun J. Ford’s newly created company, SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR. “At SeVen Virgin Hair, we seek to reimagine the human hair industry as we are the first African American hair retailer to control manufacturing and sell its own 100% pure human hair. In addition, we are the nations first retailer to offer a 40-day promise which allows our customers to cut, color and style our hair to discover the difference or exchange it”.

As the CEO and Founder of SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR, Shaun J. Ford believes that it’s his companies duty to restore truth and integrity in a $12 billion dollar hair industry because women around the world “deserve hair they can trust” he continued.

Beginning March 30, 2018, SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR will offer an in-store experience station, that will teach consumers “How to Spot Fake Virgin Hair” in 30 seconds or less. “It is our goal to become the industry leader, by standardizing information, to best educate consumers around the world, so they never fall victim to false and misrepresented hair extensions again!” said Shaun J. Ford.

In addition, SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR will offer a video series of “How to Spot Fake Virgin Hair” on its website, YouTube Channel and local television commercials.

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-Deal establishes SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR as the first minority company to manufacture and sell virgin human hair extensions-

-Employees to have ownership stake in the brand-

ATLANTA -- SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR, LLC., an independent African-American owned company focused on retail beauty brands, today announced its acquisition of PRISSY LADY VIRGIN HAIR. In addition, each employee will have an equity stake in the business.

This acquisition of PRISSY LADY by SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR represents the beginning of an exciting transformation of the hair industry as it evolves to serve the needs of women around the world by offering 100% virgin remy temple hair at prices starting at only $54 per bundle. Further, SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR will offer a FREE 40-day hair quality promise wherein customers can cut, color and style its hair to experience the difference or exchange it! In addition, SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR will offer salon stylists a referral commission of 17% for every customer they refer which buys in-store or online and offers a city-wide same day delivery service.

SEVEN VIRGIN HAIR will reopen the former Prissy Lady retail store located at 2427 Cobb Pkwy SE, Smyrna, GA 30080 (following renovations to improve the customer experience) on Friday, March 16th at 11:00am. Former Prissy Lady customers will be given an exclusive limited-a-time discount as a form of gratitude and appreciation. ##