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Our Story (Text Format)

The Beginning: In 2011, Shaun J. Ford along with his wife and three small children relocated from Ohio to Atlanta. Lead by God’s voice, their vision was to create business brands focused on quality products, stellar customer service and great value.

 The Difference: As a family operated minority business, SeVen Virgin Hair represents the beginning of an exciting transformation of the hair industry. Offering 100% pure virgin human hair, SeVen is the first retailer to guarantee its hair. You can wear, cut, color and style SeVen hair for 40-days to discover the difference. In addition, we offer salon stylist referral commissions of 17% and a city-wide delivery service. See associates for more details.

 The Inspiration: In 2017, Shaun and his wife began negotiations to buyout Prissy Lady Virgin Hair. Their idea was simple: hair so good, it could be guaranteed! Thus, SeVen Virgin Hair was born in 2018.

Our Values: 

  • God First
  • Only Excellence Will Do
  • Always Be Accountable 
  • Love Unconditionally
  • Serve Others
"To Glorify God” by providing the best human hair, by the best employees, at the lowest possible price in the industry. It will be so well-made that we will be the world’s first hair retailer to guarantee our product. No woman making a decent income will be unable to afford our hair — and thus enjoying her crown of beauty as said by God. We will become the Footlocker of the virgin hair industry.

The Truth: As a former executive of an average hair company, Shaun J. Ford quit with one simple idea: offer hair so good, it could be guaranteed! This resulted in a 14-month period of planning, research, traveling and negotiating to buyout his former employer and ultimately launch SeVen Virgin Hair. So why do we call it ‘SeVen’? Because the word ‘seven’ means completion and perfection! It is our goal to complete and perfect the hair industry by sharing the truth about human hair and thus restoring integrity due to women around the world who buy hair. As a family operated minority business, SeVen is the first African-American hair company to control its own hair factory through a business partnership in India. This means every bundle is custom-made for each customer to consistently control hair quality from hair sourcing to our beautiful retail stores. SeVen Virgin Hair is truly hair you can trust!

The Source: Beginning in 2017, our Founder and CEO, Shaun J. Ford, traveled the world visiting India, Malaysia, Singapore and China to investigate hair country sources, hair factories and hair industry experts to establish the facts versus fiction. The outcome, virgin human hair ONLY comes from either India (90% of hair), Asia (9% of hair) or Europe (1% of hair). Truth is, Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Mongolian, Eurasian hair etc. DOES NOT EXIST … as these hair types are truly non-remy Indian hair collected from floor trash/waste at temples, hair factories and brush/comb waste gathered from Indian women bought by Chinese factories. This explains soft and shiny hair found at beauty supply stores and other hair retailers that quickly shed, tangle and mat after 2-5 hair washes. These results reveal processed human hair which is neither virgin nor remy hair (cuticles intact and flowing in the same direction) the highest quality.

Our Products: SeVen Virgin Hair sells only 100% pure premium affordable human hair from both India and Asia. The result, you are buying the finest human hair possible which will last 2 to 5 years with proper care. SeVen is truly hair you can trust!

Our Stores: The difference at SeVen Virgin Hair can be ‘seen, felt and experienced’. Our beautifully appointed stores have been described as ‘sophisticated simple’. Never again be distracted by the clutter of products but rather be wowed by the world's best products from SeVen. Visit today!

Our Car: The SeVen Rolls Royce serves as our official mascot! It can be seen driving around town, at SeVen Virgin Hair stores, special events and is offered to customers occasionally for promotional offers! Be on the look out as you might see it anywhere!

Our Heart - Stephanie Cares: Stephanie Cares was created to honor the life and legacy of Shaun’s sister, Stephanie Ford. As a family-operated minority business, Stephanie Cares is overseen by Shaun’s older brother and sister-in-law, Jemar & Michaela Ford. As the proud supporter of Stephanie Cares, this community initiative donates custom-made hair wigs, free-of-charge, to children (17 and under) who suffer from hair loss due to illness or cancer. Our goal is simple, to give a gift of love, so that like Stephanie, she too never losses her faith despite illness.